US Homeowners Are Saving Big By Refinancing Their Home

Banks don’t want you to know about this new program saving homeowners thousands!

The relatively unknown brand new 2020 HARP replacement program can help Americans reduce their payments by as much as $3,252/year, which works out to be around $271 in monthly savings! Those savings could get even greater with fixed rates currently being the lowest on record and a full 1% lower than this period last year. 

American homeowners could benefit more than ever today from the new HARP replacement program. The program is free, and there’s absolutely no cost! See if you qualify.

Banks weren’t the biggest fans of homeowners in California finding out about this special mortgage program anyway. However, now as mortgage rates plummet and refinancing rates sore, they’re even more intent on keeping it a secret. 

As the banks wait for this unprecedented dip in the economy to level out and the program itself to end, the Government is urging homeowners more than ever to see if they could save up to $271/month. Checking if you qualify is simple, free, and once you’re in, you’re in – even if the program ends! 

If lowering your payments by up to $3,252/year, paying off your mortgage faster, and even getting some extra cash flow would help you, it’s vital you act now.

The greatest mortgage reduction program in US History has just got even better thanks to the average 30-year fixed rate for a conforming loan falling to a record-low 3.45%.

See if you qualify here.