Thousands of Americans Are Resolving Heavy Credit Card Debt

Here’s what to know about how this program gets Americans out of debt

This credit card debt relief program can get people out of debt seriously fast, but the banks aren’t telling anyone about it. Those with over $24,000 in credit card debt who live in California can be eligible to get relief from their debt and have it paid off in months. All that is required is a quick online survey and one simple phone call.

For those struggling with significant credit card debt, simply check out the Freedom Debt Relief Program and fill out a quick survey to start the process. In this survey, it will ask questions like amount of debt owed, payment status, and a few personal information questions to be able to validate eligibility.

Once this information is submitted, the next step is to be connected with a friendly Certified Debt Consultant who will walk through next steps and discuss the best debt relief solution for the particular circumstances being faced. The free and quick phone consultation can leave people shocked at how much can be done to help you reduce their credit card debt.

This program works to help the tens of thousands of Americans stuck in endless cycles of credit card debt. Consumers are not alone if they struggle to make minimum payments or no payments at all. It has helped over 650,000 people overcome credit card debt by creating a debt relief plan customized to fit the individuals budget and financial goals, resolving over $10 billion in debt.

Many Americans in debt don’t know they are eligible for these debt relief programs, and getting help with credit card debts can seem daunting, but it is surprisingly simple to take back control. Those with credit card debts of $24,000 or more could be eligible for this program. It only takes a few minutes and one simple phone call to check eligibility!

It only takes a few minutes to see if those in CC debt qualify for relief.