Turn Any Party Into A Luau With This New Gadget

Introducing TikiTunes – the wireless indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a Tiki Torch. It’s easily one of the coolest, most innovative products to hit the market in years AND you can get your hand on one of these while saving up to 30% off plus free shipping! 

Now you are able to enjoy the soft glow of the flickering flames of a Tiki Torch while also listening to your favorite songs. This is the perfect product for anyone and everyone. By using wireless Bluetooth technology, you can stream music from any smartphone (iOS or Android) from up to 30 feet away.

The TikiTune speaker uses a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery that lets me continuously stream music for up to 6 hours! The best part? You can pair two speakers together so it gives you a killer stereo-sound effect – it’s amazing! Additionally, the LED light works with or without music, it even makes a great night light for little ones in your life. You can use it indoors or out, and TikiTunes looks just as natural sitting on a bookshelf as a tiki bar. It’s the perfect addition to anywhere in your home!

Enjoying a summer night with your friends is something we all look forward to in those cold winter months. Now that summer is finally here we can kick back and relax all night long. Next time you head to your friend’s party, take them the TikiTunes as a host(ess) gift! 

Turn any party into a luau by just syncing your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to play your favorite music through TikiTunes. The flickering LED light that looks just like a candle on a breezy beach night, will have your whole group forgetting they aren’t on a Hawaiian vacation!

Enjoy your summer nights with this one of a kind speaker/tiki torch combo, The battery on TikiTunes lasts for six hours when you’re playing music so the party can go on all night long! You can also recharge the device with the included USB Micro cable, that conveniently fits in all the USB charging hubs you have at home. The battery goes from dead to fully charged in about two and a half hours, and you can still play music and use the LED light as you charge! The party never stops!

TikiTunes are truly a game-changer, when it comes to taking ambiance to the next level. This product will make every outdoor gathering fun and full of light and energy.And even better, it makes for a truly novel gift! Imagine the look on someone’s face when they unwrap your gift to reveal a Tiki Torch-Speaker! Of course, if you keep if for yourself no one would blame you…in which case you can imagine the look on their faces when they see YOUR Tiki Tune for the first time! Now is your chance to save up 30% off…plus free shipping!