Say Goodbye To Stinky Shoes For Good

Raise your hand if you enjoy the smell of stinky shoes? Anyone? Anyone? That’s right NO ONE enjoys the smell of stinky shoes, and that includes Krista Woods, mother of 3 and the creator of StankStix. She describes her product as the “mousetrap of odor.” You simply place it near the source of the stink and wait 24 hours. In that time, the product naturally attracts odor-causing bacteria – then traps it inside and kills it. It’s the first and only non-toxic, chemical-free product in its class and for a limited time you can get yours for 30% off plus free shipping!

The idea for StankStick all started after her eldest son’s first LaCrosse practice. She said she would never forget that disgusting smell. “The wet stink.” (Imagine the inside of a sweaty shoe… you can feel it, can’t you?) She spent months trying to get rid of that disgusting odor. She even tried every spray, wash, chemical, and trick – but NOTHING worked. That’s because the odor was literally LIVING in their shoes and gear…but she needed something that fixed the source of the problem and bonus points if it’s easy to use. Since nothing like this existed in the market, she invented StankStix.

She couldn’t believe this didn’t already exist…

To her, the most shocking part about creating StankStix is that nothing like them existed. (Cleaning supplies are a multi-billion dollar industry – but it took a frustrated mother of 3 to introduce a solution that people actually wanted and would work!)

In fact, the deodorizing sticks are unique in three ways: First, is the patent-pending SilverSeal™ technology. That’s right – the secret ingredient is Silver. Krista spent years developing this until it was absolutely perfect.Silver has natural antimicrobial properties that are scientifically proven to stop bacteria growth. StankStix is infused with this powerful, natural ingredient and other plant-based oils. No other product has this unique formula. That’s why StankStix works faster and better than anything you’ve ever seen!

Second, the non-toxic deodorizing inserts. Unlike other cleaners, they absorb moisture on the inside, removing odor from things like shoes… athletic gear… your car… laundry baskets… trash cans… anywhere moisture gets trapped. (Fun fact: the product used to be called GloveStix, since they were designed for her son’s LaCrosse gloves. But people kept sending them stories of how they worked for pretty much EVERYTHING… so they changed the name to StankStix!)

Third, StankStix are designed to be the last deodorizing solution you’ll ever need. They’re made with 100% non-toxic materials that last for 10 years – just replace the inserts every few months and you’re good to go!

The reason StankStix work while other solutions don’t….the problem with most cleaning solutions is that they don’t remove the source of the odor. They just mask the scent… while odor-causing bacteria like E.coli, MRSA, staph, mold, mildew continue to grow inside.

Think about it… that’s what’s living in your shoes, your laundry room, your car.

You really do just put the sticks in… and they get the stink out! No weird masking scents like “rose bush” or “cedar tree” (like other chemical-filled products) – the StankSticks simply remove the smell so it just smells clean again!

Now is your chance to get these odor busters at 30% off plus free shipping! This is one of those MUST HAVE items in every house!