The Best Way To Protect Your Hands And Your Meal

You just popped something in the microwave and you are thrilled to get it on your plate and dive into that yummy meal, but as you pull it out you drop it all over the floor because the container was too hot to touch! There goes your meal, and now you have burnt hands as the consolation prize. But now you can save your meal, hands, and wallet a lot of heartbreak with SafeGrabs, which you can get up to 40% off plus free shipping!

Cooking and cleaning are time consuming and hard enough (especially when you have a big family) – so anything that can save time, reduce work, and eliminate stress is a big win in any chefs book!

Over the years, many items have made cooking at home easier like the Instant Pot, automatic vegetable chopper, and hands-free oven cleaner – to name a few. These kitchen inventions have been a HUGE help – the problem is, we’re now starting to run out of cabinet space! So you may be thinking to yourself, do I REALLY need another kitchen gadget, and the answer is yes! And here’s why: SafeGrabs is a product unlike any other with its 8 in 1 functionality.

Safe Grabs is a 100% BPA-free and food-grade silicone mat that someone should have thought of years ago. Since its debut on Shark Tank, they’ve sold over $6 Million worth of these. To be honest, it’s not surprising, considering how much use you get out of one.

These are just some of the ways you can use SafeGrabs in your daily life: 

  • Safely take hot bowls out of the microwave without burning your fingers!
  • A trivet to protect tables and countertops from piping hot casserole dishes, baking pans, and more!
  • A hot pot and pan holder with extra strong grip – no oven mitts needed!
  • A splatter guard for eliminating messes in my microwave and on my stove.
  • A great placemat – since it’s non-stick, non-slip, and super easy to clean.
  • The BEST jar opener I’ve ever used (yes, a jar opener!) The super strong grip easily opens the most stubborn jar caps!
  • The perfect spot to rest a hair straightener without damaging my counter and to keep makeup and other toiletries from slipping off.
  • A food cover to keep food warm and to keep all the bugs away when we’re eating outdoors.

That’s right, this one tool can do all of those things and more! So how does it work exactly? Well at first glance, Safe Grabs looks like a simple-looking silicone mat – the kind you find in most people’s microwaves. But look closer. Those circular ridges on one-side? These patented ridges are scientifically proven to dissipate heat without letting it seep through to the other side. So even though it looks thin, it’s actually heat-resistant up to 475° Fahrenheit and 100% non-toxic at any temperature – which means you can pull that piping hot, freshly-baked lasagna out of the oven immediately with no danger to your fingers or damage to your table/counter. 

The best part? How super space efficient it is. Just store it in the microwave and it’s completely out of the way – but conveniently there when I need it! So as you can see, this is one of those MUST HAVE household items! And if you act now you can get SafeGrabs at up to 40% off plus free shipping!